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What are the advantages of tipping artists?


  • the money goes directly to the artist

  • anyone can become a patron

  • tip in any amount

  • reward artists for the experience their art has brought you

  • you don't have to commit to a purchase in order to show your support

  • provides more opportunities for people to engage with the work



What's the tipping procedure?


Anyone can tip, in any amount, any time

  • online: bitcoin, PayPal, credit, or e-transfer

  • over the phone: credit

  • by mail: cheque, credit

  • in person: cash, credit cheque




How much of my tip goes directly to the artist?


  • 100% of bitcoin, cash, PayPal, cheque, e-transfer and transactions

  • 97.25% of credit card payments swiped (in person with the artist)

  • 96.5% (-$0.15) of credit card payments done by keyed entry (over the phone, for instance)

  • 97.1% (-$0.30) of credit card payments processed via PayPal (on website or in person)



How can I take part in this experiment?


  • tip through whichever method you find most comfortable

  • ask me for your own "Virtual Hat" template so you can take tips for your own art

  • offer a comment, concern, question, or suggestion in the book provided

  • follow my blog and take part in the conversation there

  • invite people you think would be interested in the subject to join the conversation




What are you going to do with the project after the show?

  • Share what I've learned on by blog and with people I meet

  • Provide a "Virtual Hat" website template free of charge to any artist who would like to try tipping. Just email me ktwilde [at]

  • view template When I transfer it to you, you become the owner of the page, and I can't make changes to it. You can purchase your own domain name for it, or leave it as is.

  • This is my tip page: I create a QR code directing to it, and put it on my postcards and posters, etc.

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