How to tip

Alternative (more traditional?) ways to send support:




Bitcoin makes for better social tipping, because..


  • it sends instantly, and is confirmed within 10 minutes

  • there's no fee to send bitcoin, no matter how small the payment

  • There is no minimum payment, so many people can make tiny contributions, which add up (see this article on Sean's Outpost for an idea of what I mean)

  • You can participate in a movement towards greater transparency and security around money



Tip a little with bitcoin! Pick your favourite painting by visiting my show and sending bitcoin to that painting's QR code posted on the label.


Bitcoin tipping available any time 10 Carden is open, for the duration of the show (until end of October), and on my website all the dang time!



Support my artistic efforts in general by sending bitcoin to this code:


Bitcoin is better! Why?

Not everyone has bitcoin yet!


That's totally alright. I also gratefully accept:

Cash -- Cheque -- Credit -- PayPal -- etransfer




  • Cheque or credit in the mail to :

Katie Wilde

c/o Guelph Arts Council

147 Wyndham St N Suite 404

Guelph ON



  • Credit card over the phone (one time charge entered in a machine, I don't store your information). Call 519-362-7674 to reach me.


  • Cash, cheque, credit and bitcoin in person by appointment at my studio. 


While I wait for an 'any amount' button, here is a smattering of possible tip/donation amounts you can support my art with here and now with PayPal or credit card: