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It's harder to equate seeing with knowing when we remember that even our sight is upside down.


Katie Wilde is a Calgary/Lethbridge-based visual artist with an affinity for nature, oddness and interactivity. ​Her work has been installed in a variety of contexts, including galleries, a biochemistry lab, a crosswalk, and the surface of a public square. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa, and has exhibited in galleries and public spaces in Ontario and Alberta.

Artist Statement


Working primarily in oil, Wilde's paintings are populated with plants, birds, and near-familiar creatures in imagined natural settings, frozen under glass, or proliferating among forgotten architecture. In two of her latest bodies of work (Ward and Wing, and Glass Barriers) she ponders curiosity and obsession, collection and kidnapping, protection and privacy, knowledge and misunderstanding, and what it means to try to grasp nature outside of a natural seItting. In another project, Nobody’s Home, a neighbourhood in transformation is a vessel for shifting feelings about time, impermanence, and knowing one’s place in the world and on the land.

Her sculptures work with natural phenomena such as magnetism, convection, and animal behaviour, featuring natural objects and occasionally live creatures.


In a street art setting, she injects an extra dose of humour and play, in the belief that that art has the power to transform communities and alter people's experience of their environment in a positive way. Art in unexpected places is one of her greatest joys.

Curriculum Vitae


2013 Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts - University of Ottawa


​2014 Shirley Dilworth Jaychuk Painting Competition - Third Place
2013 University of Ottawa Sculpture Award - for (Non)Interference Patterns


Public Installations / Interventions

2016 Look Out! Hedgehogs & Balloons - Traffic calming crosswalk art, commissioned by City of Waterloo ON
2016 Temporary installation of interactive painted works in Waterloo Public Square, Waterloo ON
    May - Bee vs. Hummingbird pollinator scavenger hunt
    June - Choose Your Own Adventure with Jefferson the Salamander (featuring local endangered sps)
    July - Hopscotch Races, featuring a giraffe on rollerblades
    August - Snakes and Ladders, featuring Ontario snakes
2015 to 2016 10 Carden Chalkboards, Guelph ON
2013 Sandy Hill Mural, Goulburn Ave, Ottawa ON
2011 Snyder the Spider recycled materials sculpture, Winterlude - Ottawa ON



Solo Exhibitions
2019 I Made This - 10C Main Floor Gallery, Guelph ON
2018 Seldom Heard - one-night immersive installation, 10C soundproof room, Guelph ON
2014 Seed and Spore (featuring an experiment in bitcoin Tipping4Artists) - 10 Carden, Guelph ON

Group Exhibitions
2020 40th Annual Auction - Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, Grande Prairie AB
2020 Overzealous - Art Space Connect Gallery, Toronto ON
2019 Fleurish - eBar, Guelph ON
2017 Overzealous - Studio 404, Guelph ON
2016 Hoopla - Necessary Arts Company, Guelph ON
2016 Overzealous - 10 Carden, Victoria Park Golf Course, Kloepfer Gallery, Guelph ON
2015 Hoopla - Necessary Arts Company, Guelph ON
2015 WAS Auction - Silence, Guelph ON
2014 Eden Mills Arts Festival - Eden Mills ON
2014 Shirley Dilworth Jaychuk Painting Competition - Elora Centre for the Arts, Elora ON
2013 Surfacing - Studio Sixty Six, Ottawa ON
2013 INTERPLAY: Music and Steven Whiffen ft. Katie Wilde - Gallery 101 Ottawa ON
2013 MOMENTUM - 100 Laurier, Ottawa ON
2013 Auction Fundraiser for BFA Grad exhibition - SAW Gallery Ottawa ON
2013 Tract, Gallery 206, Ottawa ON
2012 Catalyst: The Art Science Experiment, University of Ottawa Biochemistry Lab Ottawa ON
​2012 Grand Opening, Paradigm[e] Gallery, Ottawa ON



2016 Look Out! Traffic Calming Installation,
2015 Pop-Up Art Project (Zine)
2013 Radio interview with Mitchell Caplan - "Click Here", CHUO FM
2013 Article: Some UofO Grads Shine in Exhibition - by Peter Simpson of the Ottawa Citizen
2013 Article: Outdoor Art in the Neighbourhood, Action Sandy Hill News
2013 Interplay: Music and Steven Whiffen ft. Katie Wilde (Pilot exhibition of Michael J. McGuire Mentorship Program)
2012 Video Interview with Science Culture

Selected Professional and Volunteer Experience

2020 Volunteer Caller - Keep in Touch Program - Volunteer Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB
2019 Instructor - Guelph School of Art, Guelph ON
2018 Guest Juror, Overzealous, Toronto ON
2018 Instructor - Button Factory Arts, Guelph ON
2018 Instructor - Wellington County Museum and Archives, Wellington County ON
2018 Instructor - Guelph School of Art, Guelph ON
2018 Manager of Programs and Operations - Guelph Arts Council, Guelph ON
2017 Culture Program Coordinator - City of Waterloo, Guelph ON
2016 Manager of Programs and Operations - Guelph Arts Council, Guelph ON
2015 to 2018 Volunteer - Publicity Chair & Co-chair Governance committee, Guelph Concert Band, Guelph ON
2015 Assistant Instructor - Advanced Painting Studio (Private School), Guelph ON
2015 Office Manager, Membership Coordinator - Guelph Arts Council, Guelph ON
2015 Volunteer - Art Program Coordinator - 10 Carden / 10C, Guelph ON
2014 Office Manager - Guelph Arts Council, Guelph ON
2014 Volunteer - Host and Grant Writer - 10 Carden (Creating Space for Change)
2014 Volunteer - Grant Writing Committee - Out on the Shelf, Guelph ON
2013 Mentor - Michael J McGuire Mentorship Program, Ottawa ON
2013 Panelist and Guest Artist - Green Week Opening, Ottawa ON
2011 to 2012 Art Tutor - Ottawa ON
2011 Performing Usher - Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens White Wedding to the Snow - SAW Gallery, Ottawa ON
2006 Volunteer Art Instructor - Nipissing Alternative School, North Bay ON

Memberships and Professional Associations

CARFAC Alberta

Guelph Arts Council

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